We value our guest's entertainment as we strive to ensure that our guest get the full Malawian experience from entertainment involving the lake as well as interaction with the locals thus helping our guests to understand the Malawian culture.
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You can take in the beautiful scenery of the lakeshore while enjoying the the company of your loved ones as you play a good game of pool with our pool table located outside the bar facing the lake.
We also offer an adventurous boatride on the majestic lake Malawi which is a highlight of the entertainment offered here at Sambani Lodge. Our tour guides on the lake are skilled fishermen who have spent most of their time in the deep waters of Lake Malawi and will be more than willing to share with you their experiences as well as their knowledge of the various creatures found inside the lake.
At Sambani Lodge we take pride in the Malawian culture and look for any opportunity to share the beauty of our culture with our visitors. Cultural dances are a great way to see the Malwian culture and at Sambani Lodge you are able to see this as the locals perform various cultural dances.
Camping is a key feature at Sambani Lodge with our ideal camping spot and camping gear offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy the nature of the beautiful warm heart of Malawi the natural way... through camping.